10 Best Kitchen timer Of 2022 For Perfect Timing

Are you looking to buy the best kitchen timer? Then stop, think before you pay. We are here to guide you with the list of best-rated kitchen appliances like timers and more. You can also check out our other review articles if you want.

With the blessings of technology, there are plenty of features you’ll find, such as digital to mechanical, loud or discrete, easy to read/multifunctional, and many more.

There’s a question that may arise in your mind which one to pick from them, right? So, let’s move on to the deep analysis.

To minimize your confusion, we’ll mention these 10 best kitchen timer reviews for your consideration.

What Are The Best Kitchen Timer?

These are the best kitchen timer you can purchase if you wish.

East or west, which one is best? This little rhyme may knell your ear now after knowing about the multiple features of a timer if you’re new about buying this little gadget and eager to set this in your kitchen. Here are some demos you can fundamentally check out.

We attached below the top 10 best kitchen timers, marvelous and super, from one to another.

01. OXO-Grips-Triple-Kitchen-Timer- best 3 in 1 timer

Oxo grips are 3 in 1 timer. You can manipulate the timers separately. Again, each timer alarm matches its slot; as an example, three beeps for slot 3.

Second, it has the right LED display. The other innovative features include Power saving function, Long duration, and many more. The timer will take settings up to 99h, 99 m.

Overall, the timer will give you a positive count-up showing how long the timer went off. A longer interval before screen sleep would be satisfactory. Ideally, sleep mode should be only when no timers are running.

Here you also get three AAA batteries. For only $24.99, you’ll find a 100-hour time tracker for multiple events at once. The timer volume is good, and each timer has a unique chime.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – plastic
Volume – 2.55×4.5×8.2 inches
Weight- 5.3 pounds
Color: Black
Great display when the backlight is on.
Long duration.
Looks sleek on the counter.
Easy to discern individual timer tones.
OXO Good Grips Triple Kitchen Timer
  • It has Lights up on a timer
  • It won’t tip over
  • Heavy enough to set in place
  • High voltage battery
  • The best kitchen timer for seniors
  • The u00220u0022 key is in a weird spot
  • It Uses 3 AAA batteries
  • No on/off switches

02. KitchenAid KQ900 – the best-displayed scale

If you’re an avid cook and work as an analytical chemist, you’ll appreciate a good scale and use them frequently as a part of your job.

KitchenAid is one of them to meet up the demand as anyone wished. It has an excellent design with a sleek and digital outlook. Again, the unit is fine and has an extensive display to measure the time accurately.

What’s more, the watch is more affordable with one hassle-free replacement. You get a lifetime limited warranty.

The clock was easily programmable with minutes and second buttons. You can easily count down from 99 minutes, 59 seconds or count-up starting from zero. The extra-strong cover magnets allow you to store this timer on your cooktop, refrigerator, or vent.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – Plastic
Volume – 0.7 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Weight- 2.75 ounces
The two scales simultaneously are super-efficient.
Larger display.
Easy to operate.
Accurate timer.
KitchenAid Single Event Digital Timer
  • Great design.
  • Easy to read
  • The display is excellent
  • Larger display
  • Super efficient
  • Not waterproof.

03. FMP 151 7500 – the best water-resistant timer

It keeps your regular commercial foodservice operation on a regular schedule with critical tasks such as handwashing, cooking, and sanitizing. This versatile timer consists of 4-separate timer channels for keeping track of multiple tasks.

Wait, the timer comes with a large 3 to 4 inches LCD for clearly reading the settings. We like the color-coded lights and time cycle buttons that help you to identify faster.

It is an easy-going kitchen timer with innovative features like a 10-hour countdown, water-resistant, non-skid feet, wall mounting, etc.

You’re amazed to know; the timer is the best fit for those who want a loud beeper, large screen, and unit. Similarly, it has a 4-timer that can run.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – Plastic
Volume- 7 x 6 x 3.2 inches
Weight- 1.12 pounds
Durable & Long-lasting.
Great for commercial use.
Best restaurant timer.
Water-resistant keypad to protect from harmful elements.
FMP Digital 4 Channel Commercial Kitchen Countdown Timer
  • It has 7500 digital four channels
  • 9 Volt battery
  • 200 Amp DC adapters
  • Distinctive beeper
  • Anti-microbial housing
  • The alarm is too loud
  • Timer entry is slow

04. Cooper Atkins Timer – best value timer

This alarm is both audible and visual. The alarming volume is adjustable from no sound at all. Since the timer counts down to zero and then begins to count upward to show the time elapsed.

It is convenient. The alarm appeared to be a professional type. You can set the timer to 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

At the same time, you can notice the sound from anywhere in your house. The most appreciated part, it also runs a timer that counts up after the alarm goes off. It’s a top chef kitchen timer.

With the larger size, you can easily find it in your house. It has adjustable features up to 90 sec/ 1 meter. You can set the timing to repeat.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – HAWA
Volume- 6.6×1.5×8.2″ inches
Weight- 0.5 kilograms
Best timer period
It has an adjustable volume
Good unit
Very high durability
  • works great
  • Simple controls
  • Worth the penny
  • Lightweight
  • The display is not water-resistant
  • Expensive

05. CDN TMW1 Big Digit Waterproof Timer-best noise tracker

You can not deny the value of these easy-to-use CDN timers. Though basic in its functionality, it will perform the necessities with a maximum count, up & down of 100 minutes and seconds. Because the timer was magnetic, you can stick them to appliances like the refrigerator, cabinet, etc.

The timer has to withstand moisture and humidity. Hence, it continues to function with accuracy if it becomes wet or immersed in water.

It ensures the alarm will be heard to its user by 90 seconds alert and flashing red light like police or a security guard.

You’ll get ash and black besides this color. Another unique feature of this device can mount in two ways. So you can turn it to and fro while needed.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – Plastic
Volume- 3×3×1″ inches
Weight- 0.12 pounds
It’s beneficial for maintaining time.
High quality & robust design.
It can be mounted two ways – magnetic & stands.
Powered by AAA batteries.
2627 CDN TMW1 Big Digit Waterproof Timer White
  • Highly shatterproof
  • Loudest kitchen timer
  • Audible u0026amp; long alarm with flashing
  • Got both audio u0026amp; visual alerts
  • Having no power button
  • Not waterproof
  • Not suitable as a shower timer

06. Presto 04214 Electronic Digital Timer– the best easy to read timer

We love the big, pretty loud, and high-tech watch-like timer most. This more giant and digital timer is efficient for any kitchen and recreational use. It’s simple to operate, with an alarm that signals you when time is up.

Presto is life support for conscious users as it is too lightweight and affordable. You’ll get memory functions that remind you of the last preset time.

In addition to counting down, you may use it as a stopwatch. Thanks to the lanyard opening in the back for convenient use. Similarly, it has a high power consumption of 120 volts and 60Hz only.

Fortunately, you’ll get magnetic functions here also to stick it into the appliances. It’s easy to operate with simple on & off buttons.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – Plastic
Volume – 2×0.5×3 inches
Weight- 3.2 ounces
Easy to read digital display
Worth modifying
Presto 04214 Electronic Big Digital Timer
  • Crystal u0026amp; Clear digit
  • Simple to operate
  • Dependable u0026amp; Handy.
  • Best kitchen timer 2020
  • Seems Cheap
  • Drain the battery

07. KeeQii Magnetic Countdown Kitchen Timer

Are you looking for a more sound soothing kitchen timer? KeeQii is the best kitchen timer with a loud 80db alarming function. It will last three seconds+30 milliseconds at once. It was the best professional kitchen timer.

Although, you can easily hear the sound in another room, so there’s no chance of overcooking. It’s a big deal for those who’re extremely sensitive about noisy sounds.

Overall, it comes with a solid magnetic back that will stick into the appliances more efficiently. Another side, it’s ideal to use for both teachers, students, homemakers, office staff, and more.

But the important note about this timer needs to be maintained two steps tightly. Otherwise, it won’t ring. For instance. Before using it every day, you’ve to wind the timer knob clockwise. And, wind the knob counterclockwise to the minute while you want it to ring.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – Stainless Steel
Volume – 2.68 x 2.68 x 1.73 inches
Weight- 0.31 pounds
80db loud alarm
Easy twist operation
Strong magnetic back
60 minutes maximum time settings
KeeQii Magnetic Countdown Kitchen Timer
  • Sleek u0026amp; compact
  • Nice functions
  • Convenient timer
  • 60 Minutes mechanical, magnetic timer
  • Quality customer services
  • Dial u0026amp; pointer are black, so it’s easily blended out.
  • Not loud for the hearing impaired

08. Farberware Protek Digital Timer

It is a decent timer with a little overpriced at $17.00. You didn’t need to get more effort into this, because it is programmable to 23 hours. The timer can count up to 23 hours, 59 minutes for counts up or counts down.

The vital part of this timer is one 2032 button cell battery that is the basic need for most users. We like it for the auto shut-off features, which means you don’t need to stop the timer manually.

It is small enough to stick to the inside of the cupboard door. So, it was always at your hand without taking up counter space. The software included both a digital clock and a timer for variable use.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – Plastic
Volume – 2.95 x 1.89 x 0.39 inches
Weight- 0.63 ounces
Easy to use, the digital timer.
It has an auto shut-off for saving battery life.
Ideal to use for many valuable events.
Magnetic solid back adheres to any metal surface.
Farberware Protek Mini Digital Timer
  • four simple controls
  • Single AA battery
  • Loud alarm
  • Best digital kitchen timer
  • Little overpriced
  • Not perfect at all.
  • Sometimes the alert is too low.

09. West Bend-40053 digital timer

Now, cook three dishes at once without the hassle of estimating individual cooking times. The timer will feature three separate alarms that signal when dishes are done. An easy-to-read LCD delivers clear visibility.

Not only this, you’ll get steadily beep with this one. You can not out the hour, minutes, seconds as an AM/PM clock.

It’s the best pick for the chief who needs to monitor cooking times for three different dishes.

The West Bend-40053 will be your perfect companion with a more prominent button. You will set the timer with T1, T2, T3, hour, minutes, second, and clock.

The innovative systems lay behind its holder, with a hole, clip, magnet, and stand. So, it’s easy to store.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – Multi
Volume – 7.9×4.8×0.7 inches
Weight- 3.2 ounces
It’s great to have three different timers.
Great for timing eggs.
You can set seconds in addition to minutes and hours.
It has a clip on the back for easy storage.
West Bend Easy to Read Digital Magnetic Kitchen Timer
  • Three distinct alarms
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Designed with a separate button
  • Good value
  • 1-year warranty
  • The alarm volume is too low
  • The display isn’t too clear
  • The electronic beep is too weak

10. Zassenhaus classic cooking timer

If the other watch kitchen timer is your call, then switch on the Zassenhaus 60 minutes. It’s unique with 12 different colors. Isn’t it amazing? Of course, it is. We are crazy about its classical look. Moreover, it is a superb kitchen timer that everyone falls in love with at first appearance.

Let us talk about the features. Unlike other timers, heist also has some unique functions like steel-made bodies, magnetic holders, etc.

Again, it’s a quiet ticking with a perfect blend of an alarm that you can hear in a big house. But this device doesn’t prolong as much as others.

We wouldn’t like the functions since you need to set out the knobs clockwise first to the 55-second marks. Afterward, you can set out the desired time.

Specs-Key Features –
Material – Steel
Volume – 2.75×2.75×1.5 inches
Weight- 0.35 pounds
Versatile magnetic kitchen timer.
Easy to read dial face.
Space-saving storage.
Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
Zassenhaus 60-Minute Magnetic Steel
  • Best kitchen timer clock
  • Available in 16-fun colors
  • Classic, timeless styles
  • Stylish wind-up timers
  • Well-made
  • Sounds more like a chirp

Features You Must Consider Before Buying Kitchen Timer

Since there are many options in your hand to buy a kitchen timer, it is very natural to become puzzled. No problem. Here, we are to assist you in choosing the best kitchen timer. When you have decided that you will buy a kitchen timer, you have to notice its features.

Regardless, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a master chief masterclass or a novice cook. The key to getting success in picking the best kitchen timer knows what to look for when buying.

a) Pricing

When you decide to buy any kitchen timer, you’re most probably planning about the budget first. Thankfully it’s not a big deal as most kitchen timer starts up from $10-12. So, you can pick the best one under your minimal budget.

Again, beginners are always found that they can get away with a cheaper timer. But they will have to forego some advanced features also. Don’t forget that the more features you require, the more expenses will be added to your budget.

The fact goes with your needs. We should prioritize quality, not quantity. Undoubtedly, a bigger budget will add more features to your timer.

b) Metal Or Plastic Casing

Most of the timers come with two features. One is metal, while another is metal. Which one is best? From our point of view, metal is more durable than plastic. You don’t need to worry if the timer falls out from the storage accidentally. Whereas plastic made, timers had chances to break earlier.

But if a more durable and stainless steel appliance is your ultimate motto, then go with a metal shroud.

c) Mounting

It features crucial features for those who didn’t decide about storage. It often happens to me. I’m just totally blank to choose where to keep it as if it were my house furniture.

So, mounting features will be the game changer in this regard as you can move it to and fro.

d) Digital Or Mechanical

A cruel belief is that a digital timer will give you a more accurate result than the old one. It’s not true all the time. Well-built and good mechanical parts will always give you exact results. Anyway, automatic timers also bear some physical wear and tear that affect their ability to provide accurate results all the time. In that case, the digital kitchen timer will be the winner for its accuracy and reliability.

e) Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking may be your next choice if you’ve to handle more work at a time. It will make your busy journey more easy and comfortable.

f) Time Range

Since you have planned to cook a turkey in the oven or dry items in it, opting for a longer time limit is obvious. Timer range is usually a time limit from an hour to 2 up to almost a full day. For everyday use, a limited time range is okay, but not usual for a big deal all the time. So to ensure your need, the maximum time range is a must in the kitchen timer feature.

g) Memory Functions

Memory functions allow you to set out the same time as 12 dozen batches for cookies, etc. Consider buying an excellent memory-functioning timer. It helps the user to be preset and repeat the previous timing instantly.

h) Power Source Features

Some kitchen timers come with a long electrical cord, whereas some run with batteries. You know that very well, batteries aren’t as reliable as the cord. But constantly switching on the timer with a long power cord may increase your labor.

So, it’s wise to go with batteries that have no lifetime guarantee instead of the cord.


a) Are Egg Timers Reliable?

Yes, kitchen timers are reliable. It has simple markings you can read through the water. Most of the company also offers you a satisfaction guarantee. Egg timers work on water temperature. Something they’re paired with the timer under heat to bring you the exact result which you expected.

b) How To Fix A Kitchen Timer?

To fix a kitchen timer, grab the old kitchen timer. First, test the battery with a screwdriver. If the battery works, then you’re all done. If it is not, then change it with the new one.

Second, separate the circuit board. Detach the board from the timer screen with pliers or screwdrivers. Fix those components with hard-to-press buttons. Finally, screw back them all and re-check the timer if it would fix or not.

c) How Does A Kitchen Timer Work?

The kitchen timers force provided by the users affects mechanical timers. You need to give power to the timer to fix its cycle while you turn on the dial. Additionally, the timer has a spring that is compressed by turning.

This spring will turn gears to move the dial on the timer. In brief, the timer functions similarly to a regular alarm clock. The mainspring forces allow the wheel to rotate back and forth.

Final Words

Ensuring a timer’s long life is not so easy. Like humans, machines also need care, better to say special care. A timer’s battery is quite complicated to say exactly when it will be dead.

A noisy timer is not something ignorable, as it can alert you from another room. Therefore, you need to be alert when you first hear the alarm, tap, or click sound to off. A little mechanical knowledge can lighten your worries and ensure proper servicing of your timer.

Comment your opinion and share the information if you find this helpful. Don’t forget to check our next review articles also.

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