Best Can Crusher 2018

Recycling has become a necessary part of our daily lives. A can crusher is indispensable gear if you happen to consume canned beverages regularly. Aluminum can compactors let you instantly reduce the volume of your recyclables, saving you time and valuable space.

 We did extensive research for our best aluminum can crusher review which includes the top choice in 4 categories:

Best Value – Those looking for a bargain should consider this inexpensive basic model that gives you lots of function, with a little sacrifice on looks.

Best Easy Use – Folks with weaker wrist and hand strength, or painful arthritis, will appreciate how easy this model is to use. This is also a great choice if you want to get the kids involved with recycling.

Best High-Volume – For game rooms, large families or business use, this is a commercial grade aluminum can crusher that can hold as many as 400 crushed cans, perfect for high volume areas.

Gadget Geek Gear – This is our best overall choice. Jump to this selection if you are looking for top of the line gear with all the features you want and a kitchen-friendly design.


Best Value Aluminum Can Crusher:

Basic Industries International 77703 Multi Crush

If you are looking for a great bargain, and are not necessarily concerned with style, this may be the rightBasic Industries International 77703 Multi Crush choice for you. This aluminum can crusher is one of the least expensive models on the market that still gets strong and consistent reviews for durability and reliability.

One of the stand out features of this can compactor is that it can stack up to 6 cans at a time, which makes your crushing chore go a little faster. You will need to mount this model on the wall to use it, so be sure you have a stud near where you keep your recycle bin to make sure it’s right for your space.

This basic model is sturdy, but the steel bars are coated with some paint that is likely to scratch off when you use it. If you are planning to use this model in the garage, you probably won’t care too much since it won’t affect the function.

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, this aluminum can crusher is a great bargain.



  • Efficient design lets you load multiple cans for fast crushing
  • Easy wall mount design – make sure you have a stud
  • Crushed cans drop right into your recycle bin
  • Made of solid steel for strength and durability
  • Smashes cans down to 1”
  • Simple design is easy to use


  • Only works with 12-ounce cans
  • Design is not very attractive, better for the garage than the kitchen
  • Coating on the steel components scratches off easily
  • Sometimes you will need to adjust cans in the feeder for best operation


Best Easy Use Design Aluminum Can Crusher:

Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher Dial Industries Aluminium Can Crusher

If your priority is finding an aluminum can compactor that does not take much force to use, consider this model. Perfect if you have small kids or seniors with arthritis, the leverage system on this model significantly reduces the force required to crush your cans for recycling. It even has a safety stop, which makes it a great choice for families with children.

Made in the USA, this is a quality product. Don’t let the plastic construction deter you. This is a high grade and extremely durable type of molded nylon with more than enough density for the job. Customer reviews confirm that this aluminum can crusher is quite tough.

This model easily ejects the smashed cans, adding to the efficiency of this unit. Place it directly in your recycle bin, or buy the matching collection bin for a more custom look.



  • Compact and sturdy design – small enough to mount in your pantry
  • Excellent leverage uses very little force to operate – easy enough for kids to use
  • Ejects crushed cans directly into your bin
  • Swivel design hand grip makes this easy on the wrists and hands
  • Safety stop for child safety
  • Custom collection bin available with additional purchase
  • Extremely durable with heavy-duty molded nylon plastic construction
  • Nearly 1000 extremely positive customer reviews
  • Made in the USA


  • Only works with standard 12-ounce cans
  • Must be mounted vertically for operation


Best High-Volume Can Crusher:

Large Commercial Can Crusher and Bin

If you have a large family that goes through a lot of soda or are looking for something to handle the Large Commerical Area Can Crusher and Binbeer cans at your next Super Bowl party, this is a great choice. Those that save up several bags of cans to take to the recycling center will also love this can compactor.

The crusher drops up to 400 smashed cans directly into the fitted bin, which takes the hassle out of storage and removal. Line it with a bag, and all you have to do is tie it off and lift it out when full. Insert a new bag, and you are ready to go!

Also, the sugary residue left behind in cans will attract bugs and make a nasty odor. The tight seal of this aluminum can crusher, and bin combination protects against both. Even better, this model is attractive enough to keep right in your kitchen, giving it high marks for convenience and style.

This is absolutely the best design on the market if you go through more than 24 cans in a week. A little pricier than some other models, it will quickly pay for itself with saved time and hassle.



  • Crush cans directly into the collection bin, neat and tidy
  • Bin holds up to 400 crushed cans
  • Sealed lid keeps down odors and deters insects
  • Line with a garbage bag to make taking your cans to the recycling center a breeze
  • Lightweight and easy to dump in your recycle bin for curb days
  • Easy to use, hand operated crusher
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Only for use with standard 12-ounce cans
  • Pricey investment best for large volume use


Gadget Geek Gear Can Crusher:Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER Aluminum Can Compactor

Pacific Precision Metals THE CRUSHER

We can’t disagree with over 2,000 positive customer reviews for this very popular aluminum can crusher. It has the features that you are looking for – easy to use, décor friendly, and the versatility to handle 12 and 16-ounce cans.

You will need to mount this model on a stud near where you keep your recycle bin. The only downside we can find about this model is that it does take up a little more wall space than some of the other choices that made our best aluminum can crusher review. It does have a nice look, so you can hang it right in your kitchen for convenience.

However, if you have space, the quality construction and versatility of this model makes it an excellent choice for home use. If you are a Gadget Geek, this is the top of the line gear you are looking for.


  • Large enough for 12 and 16-ounce cans
  • Design is optimized for ease of use
  • Ergonomic handle, perfect for those with arthritis
  • Clearance is 6 ¾”, giving more height than most other crushers
  • Solid steel construction for long life
  • Easy vertical mount – place it right above you’re recycle bin
  • White powder coat finish is stylish enough for kitchen use


  • Only works if mounted vertically – be sure it has stud support behind it
  • Takes up more room on the wall than some other models



We hope you have found this best aluminum can crusher review helpful. It is our mission at Kitchen Gadget Lab to provide you with comprehensive and trusty reviews so that all of your home appliance purchases will exceed your expectations and meet your specific needs.

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