Top Electric Carving Knives

best electric carving knives

Ever wonder how to get perfectly even slices of homemade bread and thin, sandwich ready cuts of roast ham or turkey? The secret is an electric carving knife!

All of the knives we have featured in our best electric carving knife review include double blades that reciprocate against each other, taking all of the work out of slicing so you can put all your focus on getting even and straight slices.

We wanted to make sure you found the right knife for your needs, so here our our top picks:


Cuisinart CEK-40 – Top Overall

If you are one of those foodies that just has to have the best gear for your kitchen, this is the choice we would recommend for you. It has a high-end look, top-notch performance, and a name that everyone associates with quality. Frankly, it is only a hair more expensive than some less expensive models.

If you plan on using your electric knife regularly, this model has a woodblock style counter holder that is both functional and stylish. Both blades and the motor unit fit perfectly into the stand which will compliment your décor.

This electric carving knife comes with two blades: A deeply serrated bread blade, and a longer, finer toothed serrated blade for carving roast meats or hard cheese. Just pop off the blades and toss in the dishwasher for quick and trouble-free washing.

The only downside we can really note? If you do not plan on using more than a few times a year, the storage system is not as good as a hard case that can be tucked in the back of your cabinet.

Here are some other features we love about this model:


  • Butcher block style storage for counter or drawer stowage with a high-end look
  • Brushed steel and black matte finish will match other professional grade cutlery
  • Single button operation with an ergonomic design
  • Powerful motor makes slicing and carving a breeze
  • Safety lock button to prevent accidents
  • Stainless steel blades and a name you can trust
  • Cord stows neatly behind the unit for a neat look
  • 130 Watts of power, making it one of the most powerful on the market


  • A little pricier than some other models, but worth the additional investment
  • Storage system is ideal for counter display, not so much for the longer term, low priority storage

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Black & Decker EK500B – Top Budget Option

If price is your primary concern, this the model for you. It has enough power to get through most jobs and will make fast work of slicing homemade bread. The stainless-steel blades detach with the push of a button, a safety lock prevents the blades from moving until you are ready, and the shape of the handle is ergonomically designed.

Here is the thing… If you are planning on daily use of your electric carving knife on bread, this is going to suit your purposes just fine, without the extra cost. However, if you are planning on regular use with cured meats or other tougher to slice items, you may want to go for a carving knife with a little bit more power, such as our Primo Gear pick, or our Best Overall. (links)

Here are some more details to consider:


  • Great price! Coming in around $20
  • 9” long stainless steel serrated blades perfect for carving meat and slicing bread
  • Choose black or white to fit your kitchen décor
  • Safety lock so it will not accidentally turn on and hurt someone
  • Easy release blades for super-fast clean up
  • Simple trigger style operation
  • 2 year limited manufacturers warrantee


  • Not as powerful as some of the other models that made our review, 100W

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Cuisinart CEK-50 – Best Cordless Electric Knife

If you are looking for the best electric carving knife that you can bring with you right to the table for slicing holiday ham, turkey or prime rib, this is an excellent choice to consider.

This cordless electric carving knife from Cuisinart includes two different blades, best used for different applications. The serrated edge will stay sharp for ages, and will be your best bet for slicing bread, cheese and most meats.

However, if you have a more delicate operation, such as carving fruit for display or fileting fish, then you will appreciate the straight edge blade that comes with this set. Check out our review of the best electric knife sharpeners to keep the straight edge razor sharp. (add link to live page for that review)

With an average 4.3 star rating, with over 1,500 customers reporting in, this is a very popular model for good reason. Here are some of the specifics so you can compare to the other models in this review:


  • Cordless – take your carving right to the table for dramatic effect
  • Two blade options for different applications, serrated and straight edge
  • Ergonomic design, one button operation
  • 30-minute quick charge, and 20 minutes life per charge
  • Lithium Ion batteries for long charge life and minimal “fade effect”
  • Safety lock to prevent accidents
  • Convenient small, hard case for storage


  • Plan on taking out to charge about a half hour before you need it if you have not used this unit in a while

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Deserves a Mention: Hamilton Beach

We thought this model deserved a mention because it has a very good balance of features, price, and customer ratings. If you plan on using your electric knife a few times a year or just for slicing home-baked bread, this is the model we would recommend for you. It has all the reliability, with a reasonable price tag to boot.

If you are planning to have your knife stored away most of the time, this set has a great compact hard case to use. It will tuck conveniently away when not in use, taking up very little space. Another little bonus? A carving fork comes complimentary with this set, stowing away right with your knife so it will always be there when you need it for carving.

There is only one set of blades with this model. They will work great for both bread and meat carving applications. The design is ergonomically sound, lightweight and simple to use. Here are the specs covered in more detail:


  • Well known name, all the basic features, reasonable price
  • Quality construction with stainless steel blades
  • Smooth and effortless operation
  • Ergonomic design, lightweight and simple to use
  • Comes with a free carving fork
  • Very nice compact case for convenient storage


  • Requires that you are near an outlet since this is not a cordless model
  • Not quite as powerful as some of the higher end units, but will be fine for most users

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We hope you have found this review of the best electric carving knife useful. If you want the best quality product we highly recommend the Cusinart CEK-40 – view it on Amazon.


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