9 Best Electric knife sharpener

And want something to make your knives razor-sharp? In that case, you need to read this article to decide the perfect electric knife sharpener for your kitchen.

If you are tired of whetstones or paper wheels and thinking how you would manage your blunt kitchen knife? And want something soothing and efficient to make your knives razor-sharp? In that case, you need to read this article to decide on the best electric knife sharpener for your kitchen.

Here we’re going to talk about the 10 best knife sharpeners in 2021. This article will undoubtedly help you to decide which one would be suitable for your kitchen.

01. Chef’sChoice Trizor XV 

Professional cooks find Chef’sChoice Trizor XV helpful and time-worthy.  Besides, it is an ideal candidate for converting traditional 20-degree factory edges of household knives into high-performance Trizor XV 15-degree edges. Trizor XV has an Advanced stropping stage and 100 percent diamond abrasives for sharpening straight edge and serrated blades.

Moreover, it uses a 3-Stage EdgeSelect sharpening system for optimum versatility, which will provide the perfect edge for each cutting task. By the way, Stages 1 and 2 are plated with 100-percent diamond abrasives to hone the edge. Moreover, stage 3 uses a patented flexible abrasive system to polish, which also helps serrated knives more lasting.

The 15 Trizor XV shows the strength and durability of the Trizor edge and has a flawless, ultra-sharp 15-degree XV technology with 3 years warranty. In addition, Trizor XV requires only a minute for first-time sharpening; on the other hand, it takes not more than 10 seconds for sharpening.

trizor electric knife sharpener


Materials: diamond

Volume/Dimension: 10 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches

Weight: 1.9 Kilograms (4.42 pounds)

  • Automatic adjustment
  • Amazing sharp edges
  • A minimal amount of noise
  • Easy to use
  • Need to be careful with the shorter knives
  • The price is a little bit higher

02. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener

If you are interested in a relatively small and cheaper sharpener, then Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener could be an excellent option for you. Presto 08800 EverSharp is a good choice for sharpening both medium and large chef’s knives.

However, using Presto 08800 might be tricky for the first couple of times as you could easily get the angle wrong. Still, with some practice and help from the manual, you will be surprised how well and effortlessly you can sharpen your knives.

Presto 08800 is manufactured in china. Since Presto 08800 is small, you shouldn’t expect to sharpen the extra-large knives. However, the motor is not suitable for larger knives if you are looking for a knife sharpener with an affordable price range and working properly with a spectacularly honed edge.

Presto electric knife sharpener


Volume/Dimension: 9.9 x 7.2 x 4.8 inches

Weight: 2.85 Pounds

Grit type: Fine, Coarse

  • Works with both straight and serrated knives
  • Good for sharpening medium to large knives
  • Relatively low price
  • Built only for North American electrical standard
  • Little noisy

03. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener     

When you are looking for some heavy-duty knife, like santoku, to sharpen, then Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener might be a fine option for you. Presto 08810 has 3 stages with particular features of thickness selectors.

So you can adjust the thickness medium, thin or thick according to your knife’s requirements. For instance, a thick mode is good for hunting knives; on the contrary, thin should be better for paring knives and medium for chef’s knives.

On the other hand, Presto 08810 has extra fine-grit ceramic wheels, which will bring the knives a razor-sharp edge, sometimes even better than the new state. Moreover, one of the great experiences from Presto 08810 would be its 3 stage sharpening system which could achieve a professional result at home.

Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener


Materials: Ceramic

Volume/Dimension: 18.43 x 11.25 x 2.18 inches

Weight: 5.07 Pounds

  • Adjustable blade selector
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • A steady hand is required while honing
  • Comparatively large amount of metal corrosion 

04. Chef’sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid

You will find this sharpener convenient when you need your kitchen knife to be polished from time to time. Chef’sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid technology made it easier to use. The  3 stage sharpening with hundred percent diamond abrasives in stage 1 and stage 2 makes the knife’s edge completely smooth.

On the other hand, stage 3-hons and makes the knife extra polished. On the contrary, stage 3 is manual, so power is not necessary here. So you can use Chef’sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid any time if you need some extra sharpness in your blades while cooking.

The 250 Hone Hybrid provides a one-year limited warranty. Moreover, you can use it to sharpen any blade, including serrated knives. If you follow the instruction from the manual and it sometimes, and soon enough, you will be a master to hone your knives.

Chef'sChoice 250 Hone Hybrid


Materials: Stainless Steel

Volume/Dimension: 8.8 x 3.3 x 3.7 inches

Weight: 2.7 Pounds

  • You can use the manual stage without power
  • Easy sharpening
  • Does not work above 120 volt
  • Sometimes scratches the blade

05. SENONE Electric Knife Sharpener

Are you looking for something cute as a gift for your cook friend? Or are you just tired of the cord of your sharpener and want something for the outdoors? Then SENONE Cordless Electric Knife Sharpener can be a great option. SENONE Cordless Electric Knife Sharpener has a 1800mah lithium-ion battery. So you can use this sharpener anywhere, not only in the kitchen but also in an outdoor courtyard.

In normal cases, 2 Stages Grooves easily sharpens most non-serrated blades such as a Chef knife, folding knife, Santoku Knife, hunting knife, even your pocket knife. However, you can have an even sharp sharpen edge because SENONE Cordless Electric Knife Sharpener uses auto-adjust Grinding Wheel Technology. Moreover, you will have a one-year quality guarantee.

SENONE Electric Knife Sharpener


Materials: Corundum Abrasive

Volume/Dimension: 7.87 x 2.28 x 3.07 inches

Weight: 1.1 Pounds

  • Cordless, you can use it anywhere
  • 2 PCS spare grinding wheels
  • Auto adjustment technology
  • Lightweight
  • Low noise
  • Not suitable for serrated knives
  • Limited battery power


This electric knife sharpener by CHEF PRO is efficient for domestic usage. 2-STAGE SHARPENING SYSTEM is Engineered to deliver reliable performance and makes the sharpening like a charm. Stage 1 reshapes the angle and sharpens to create an angled edge.

On the other hand, Stage 2 finishes the sharpening process honing and polishing the blade. The Chef Pro Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener has built-in guides for sports knives, kitchen knives, scissors as well as you can sharpen any type of knife tool with ease.

The Chef Pro Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener efficiently cleans up the debris because The mess-free receptacle has easy-to-remove plugs that catch the metal shards and filings. The only thing; you have to toss it out, and you’re done!


Volume/Dimension: 8 x 4.75 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 2.56 pounds

Color: Black, silver

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Easy cleaning
  • Home use only
  • Unable to apply much pressure

07. Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener

If you are looking for something real fast sharpening, then Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener would be a great choice for you. The E5 normally sharpens your knives at the touch of a start button in less than 90 seconds. Three consecutive settings allow you to shape, sharpen, or hone your knives, depending on how rusty they’ve become. One basic feature that will surprise you is that The sharpener automatically turns off at the end of the cycle.

Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener has got an exceptionally great design. The only knife sharpener with a built-in vacuum keeps counters clean from sharpening debris so that you can always have a clean and spectacular kitchen. That’s why it was an award-winning Innovation sharpener in 2018.


Materials: Plastic

Volume/Dimension: 7.25 x 4.5 x 5.2 inches

Weight: 2.5 Pounds

Color: Gray

  • Built-in vacuum
  • Bonus ceramic honing rod
  • Automatically turns off
  • Lightweight
  • Undersized and underpowered for heavy knives
  • For home use only

08. Smith’s 50005 Edge Pro

Suppose you are a home cook and not worried about serrated blade knives. In that case, Smith’s 50005 Edge Pro Compact Electric Knife Sharpener could be handy in terms of low budget. Smith’s 50005 Edge Pro Compact Electric Knife Sharpener looks pretty smart while having a compact design that measures 8″ overall. In addition, the sharpening wheels bonded synthetics to guarantee longer wheel life and uniform cutting. It also ensures minimum heat build-up so that it will protect your blade from de-tempering.

On the other hand, you can use the crossed ceramic rods for a quick touch-up while cooking and cutting something and need a quick sharp. So the option is very easy, you only need a few quick pulls through the sharpening slot, and you are ready to go.

By the way, it’s always better to use the ceramic rods for final edge honing after you complete the sharpening using all the synthetic wheels. Eventually, it works like magic as only a couple of pulls through the sharpening slot are all it needs.

Smith Electric-Knife-Sharpener


Materials: Synthetic

Volume/Dimension: 3.5 x 9.8 x 8.5 inches

Weight: 1.25 Pounds

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • low price
  • Not a good option to sharpen a serrated knife
  • Not for heavy use

09. GA Knife Sharpener

Suppose you are here for something which will sharpen your knives, scissors, and screwdrivers. In that case, GA Knife Electric 3-in-1 Sharpening Machine could be the ultimate choice for you. However, please remember that if you have serrated knives, then GA Knife Sharpener Electric 3-in-1 Tool – Sharpening Machine is not a wise choice for you.

GA Knife Sharpener Electric 3-in-1 Tool – Sharpening Machine can hone and polish simultaneously while using in-built auto angle. By the way, the motor will heat up after some time, so you have to cool down it between uses. Another thing to remember; you should not continue operating for longer than 3-minute intervals. After that, you need around 20 minutes to dry before using again.

GA Electric-Knife-Sharpener


Materials: Plastic

Volume/Dimension: 6 x 6 x 4 inches

Weight: 1.75 pounds

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Multipurpose sharpener
  • Low price
  • After using needs to be cooled down for a while
  • A little bit risky at power surge

I Hope, you found these reviews helpful. Please do comment, share your thoughts with us!

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