Best Frother for Almond Milk

Yes, you can still make creamy and delicious coffee house drinks right from home with almond milk! They only trick to make sure you get a frother that is powerful enough for the job. It can take a little bit longer to get a great foam or froth than with higher fat dairy products, but it can be done!

Our review of the best milk frothers for almond milk includes top picks in the following categories to make sure you find the right frother for your individual needs:

  • Overall Top Pick – For those looking for high-end gear for a little more cost.
  • Best Budget Automatic – For those that want all the convenience of an automatic, at a lower price.
  • Best Handheld – Great for travel, camping, and budget friendly.
  • Best Manual – Silent operation first thing in the morning has its advantages! Also great as a reliable back-up.


Breville – Overall Top Pick

If you want the best money can buy, this is the top of line automatic milk frother for almond milk for you! It just doesn’t get better than this – it’s the kind of quality you would expect to find in an upscale café. It is simple to operate, has tons of versatility, and comes from a very highly regarded brand among coffee aficionados – Breville.

Have a look at the temperature controls for this frother. Fully continuous control from cold to over 160° so that you can tweak your froth to the right temperature and density for the spot-on froth or foam you are looking for. It also includes separate frothing and foaming disks so you can make the perfect cappuccino, latte, hot cholate and other specialty drinks with your almond milk.

It operates by induction heating, a very efficient and quick form of warming. The carafe lifts easily off the base for convenient service at the table. Here are some other reasons that you might find this top of the line model worth the investment:

  • Fully adjustable heat settings for frothing at the perfect temperature.
  • 24 Oz capacity so you can froth enough for 6-10 servings at a time.
  • Two disks: One for froth, one for foam.
  • Extremely high-end look and design – fit for an upscale, modern décor.
  • Efficient induction heating for energy saving operation.
  • Use the standby mode for consistent warm froth.
  • Easy to use and clean – machine washable.
  • Stainless steel exterior and components for long life.
  • Extra blade stores on board.
  • Perfect for those looking to explore latte art or as a gift for the coffee connoisseur in your life.
  • Higher price tag than less expensive models, but worth it for those willing to pay for the best.




Gourmia – Budget Automatic

While not quite as stylish, and fewer extras, this is a reliable and well-built frother for almond milk that comes in at around $50. If you are looking for an automatic that is going to be there day after day, without breaking the bank – this is the choice for you.

It still has a great look – brushed stainless steel will fit any kitchen décor. You can choose between a few speeds, letting you customize for different types of milk or froth density. (Use the higher speed for your almond milk.) You can set to cold or warm settings as well, giving you the option to froth for both hot and cold applications. (Try it with iced chai tea! YUM!))

There are two main downsides to be aware of with this model. The first is the ½ cup capacity which will produce about 1 ½ cup of foam. For more than a few people, you will need to froth a few times. In addition, although the interior is non-stick, this is not a model you can throw in the dishwasher.


  • Excellent price for a reliable and well-built automatic milk frother for almond milk.
  • Warmer built in so you can heat and froth in one step.
  • Stylish brushed steel design.
  • Simple operation with two buttons to control heat and speed.
  • Silicone base on the pitcher is non-skid.
  • Detaches from the base for easy pouring at the table.
  • Nicely shaped spout for precise pouring – a must for those interested in latte art.


  • Only ½ Oz capacity, foaming to about 1 ½ cups max per use.
  • Requires washing by hand.
  • You can’t adjust the temperature on this model – your options are hot and cold.

PowerLix – Top Handheld Frother

There are some advantages to going with a handheld milk frother. They take up very little space on the counter, they are extremely portable for travel, and super easy to clean between uses. Because they do not hold the milk to operate, handheld frothers also give you the luxury of whipping the exact amount that you need – whether you are serving 1 or 20.

You should expect a bit of a learning curve when using a handheld to get the perfect texture. They also take a little longer than the automatic models and they do not heat your milk. Plan on adding a step if you want hot frothed milk.

Why is this our top handheld? A powerful 19,000 rpm motor for starters! This hefty motor makes easy work of Almond milk. This model also includes a money back guarantee, sleek modern look in red or black, and a very reasonable price tag.

Here are some specifics on the PowerLix handheld milk frother for almond milk:


  • Great price – around $15.
  • Modern design is aesthetic for a high-end look.
  • Slim footprint and convenient stand takes up very little counter space.
  • Battery operated for fast, convenient and portable frothing.
  • 15-20 seconds for a full, rich and dense froth for your almond milk.
  • Super easy to clean – run the tip under hot tap water and place back on the stand for next time.
  • 18/10 food grade stainless steel for excellent durability.
  • Full 100% money back warranty for 90 days.


  • If you want froth for hot drinks, you will need to heat before frothing.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries that you will have to replace over time (about 200 use battery life).
  • If you are concerned about serving with class, consider purchasing a milk pitcher.

Bellemain –  Top Manual Frother

You will notice there are several glass pitcher style manual milk frothers. We do not recommend them because the glass is so fragile that few can make it a year before the slightest slip such as setting it down just a hair too hard will shatter them. Spend a few extra dollars for a stainless-steel manual milk frother for almond milk.

Even if you decide on an automatic frother for your main coffee needs, it is not a bad idea to have this manual as a back up in the event the electronic components on your primary frother fail. Plus, this stainless-steel manual is great for travel – unlike the glass pitcher alternatives.

Here are some other reasons we chose this model for our best manual:


  • Efficient and easy to use, very little effort to make rich foam from your almond milk.
  • Sleek design looks like you might find it in a high-end cafe.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.
  • Stainless steel construction is superior to glass models.
  • Toss it in your suitcase for frothing on the go – a great choice for campers!
  • Full 2-year manufacturers guarantee.


  • For hot drinks, you will need to heat your almond milk before frothing.
  • 14 Oz capacity – you will need to refill and froth if you need more than 3 or 4 servings.

We hope this review of the best frother for almond milk helped you find just what you were looking for in a home frothing machine. If you are a bit of a coffee buff, consider checking out these other reviews for related products:


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