Top Milk Frother for Making a Latte

If you want to enjoy great coffee house drinks at home, one essential piece of gear is a milk frother. These devices give you the power to make the hot foamy milk that you need for a latte and other delicious coffee drinks.

Milk Frothers are a relatively small investment compared to other java gear. However, you want to be sure you get a model that will meet your daily use needs as well as provide long-lasting, dependable performance.

To help you find the product that is a perfect fit for your individual needs, our review is organized into the following top picks:

  • Best Handheld
  • Best Manual
  • Best Automatic – Around $100
  • Best Automatic – Around $50

PowerLix  – Best Handheld Frother

There are a few advantages to handheld frothers over other models. The first is that they are the least expensive milk frothers for latte that you can buy. They also do not take up much counter space, and they do effectively increase the volume of your milk by as much as three times by stirring in plenty of air.

Another plus? They can be used to quickly emulsify vinaigrettes and sauces – a pretty big bonus for the home cook. They are super easy to clean, just rinse under some hot water or toss the whisk in the dishwasher.

The downsides of the handhelds are that they do take a little longer to work and you will have to stand there paying attention to it for 30-60 seconds. They don’t heat your milk, so this will add an extra step if you want frothy milk for hot drinks.

Finally, if you are an aspiring latte artist, you may want to skip the handheld and take a look at our automatic selections instead. Getting that perfect texture with a handheld is a bit of a learning curve.

If you only occasionally find yourself using a milk frother, then this is probably the low investment type of product you are looking for.

Here are some specifics for why this model made our top pick in the handheld class:


  • Coming in at around $15, with all the features you can expect in a handheld.
  • Slim, modern design looks great in a modern kitchen.
  • Cordless – battery operated for fast, convenient use right at the table.
  • Small and portable, a great choice for travelers.
  • Stainless steel components for long, reliable use.
  • 90 day, 100% money back guarantee.


  • Does not heat your milk, adding a second stop for hot latte applications.
  • You will need to replace batteries occasionally.
  • You will have to purchase a separate frothing milk pitcher.


Bellemain Hand Pump – Best Manual Frother


Honestly, you can get a glass manual frother for a bit cheaper, but they are so fragile that you will be lucky if you can make it a year before they shatter on you. Plus, part of the advantage of a manual model is so that you can froth milk for a latte while you are camping or in your hotel room– and you just can’t rely on those glass carafes for travel.

Besides being quiet and power-free, a manual gives you the peace of mind that it won’t need to be replaced due to motor failure. In fact, this model is inexpensive enough that it is worth having as a back up in case your more expensive automatic model fails just when you need it most.

Here is why we love this model


  • Fast frothing action with very little effort required.
  • Elegant coffee house design.
  • 14 Oz. capacity – plenty for serving 3-4 servings of creamy latte.
  • Stainless steel for long life and dishwasher safe.
  • No electricity or battery required – excellent as a backup or for travel.
  • 2 year warranty so purchase with confidence.


  • You will need to heat your milk separately for hot drinks.


Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Best Automatic Frother

If you can swing about $100, you will be hard-pressed to find a better frother than this Breville, period. It simply has all the features you could want, and then some. Frankly, it is coffee house quality. Every detail from gorgeous design to simple operation is so well thought out with this model.

Breville is a long-trusted brand. This Australian company was founded in 1932 and is actually credited with the invention of the sandwich toaster. More recently, they have developed a strong name among home coffee aficionados. This frother is quite simply one of the most popular home milk frothers for making a latte.

The Breville frother just has it all. Adjustable temperature settings, huge 3 cup capacity, standby mode and easy to use and clean design. Plus, it just looks so sleek– you will be proud to pull this bad boy out in front of company. It really is the home milk frother that you want to invest in if you are serious about your cup of joe.

Here’s why:


  • Froth cold or use the fully adjustable heat dial to warm your milk between 120-160°
  • 3 cup capacity – that is a full 24 Oz, which lets you prep for a crowd.
  • Two disks, lets you optimize for latte or cappuccino.
  • Cold froth, hot froth, or heat only settings.
  • Uses induction heating – efficient and fast.
  • Standby mode keeps froth warm between pours.
  • Carafe easily detaches from base thanks to the magnetic operation, for easy pouring right at the table.
  • Also useful for thick and rich hot chocolate.


  • It may be too big if you are looking to froth for a single cup of coffee at a time.


Gourmia GMF225Best Automatic Frother Under $50


If you want the benefits of an automatic milk frother, without the cost of the Breville, the Gourmia is a solid choice for the dependable functionality you would expect, without the pricey extra features.

It has a pretty sleek look with a brushed steel finish and simple two-button controls. You can select between a few foam densities, one for cappuccino and one for a latte. You also have the option to whisk either hot or cold milk. One downside? The capacity is only about half a cup, so it is not a great choice if you plan to use this machine for a crowd.

Here are the main features that got the Gourmia on our list:


  • Great price point for a low investment.
  • Milk warmer, hot froth and cold froth options.
  • Simple to use two button operation.
  • Brushed steel exterior for style.
  • Non-stick interior to make clean up a breeze.
  • Detachable base for easier serving.
  • Two froth settings and blades for dense foam or thick froth.
  • Precise pour spout, great for latte art.
  • No skid silicon base on the pitcher.


  • Small capacity, ½ cup for thick foam applications.
  • Temperature is not adjustable.
  • Not dishwasher safe.

We hope this review of the best milk frothers for latte has been helpful. Don’t forget to check out our guide on the best handheld milk frothers.



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