Best Small Microwave Oven for Small Spaces

We're discussing the 10 best small microwave oven and features, pros & cons. Let's grab your desired one with the ultimate buying guide.

A small microwave oven is the best help for those who are looking to save up their kitchen spaces. In today’s article, we will discuss the 10 best small microwave ovens on the market right now. Plus, find out how they are comparable and which one we recommend overall to others.

Most apartments are around 2531 square feet for a single-family in the USA (source: 2019 So it is pretty impossible to cut out the veggie, meats or cook them at a time in a narrow kitchen room.

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10 Best Small Microwave Oven

A small microwave oven is your everyday need if you’re suffering from these sorts of problems. Before moving on to the vivid discussion of the 10 best small microwave ovens, see what makes them best and differs from each other. We have attached here the super reasonable one and the best compact design.

Check out the list of the best small microwave below, ranked in order.

01. Toshiba-Lighting-Stainless microwave oven- best for larger capacity

It is the best timeless design with stainless steel metal. The vast capacity of 19.215× 911.5″ inches is perfect for pre-programmed six popular foods. Moreover, the rated voltage is about 120v-60Hz, which is impressive.

You can start up your cooking with one touch. It has a chunky mid-century look with a bright display. You can easily read out the number while cooking.

Not only this, but also you can warm or heat beverages by its ten cooking power levels. Think, isn’t it a magical feature? Of course, right. Again, you don’t need to worry about waking your family while you’re using the microwave. You can mute it at any time and turn it on while required.

Specs-Special Features –
Material – stainless steel
Dimensions – External dimensions: 19.2 ” /15.9 ”/11.5” inches
Internal volume: 12.36 ”/ 13.66 ” /8.7”inches
Power- 900watts
Weight- 27.3 pounds
Fast heat up
Smart design
Well, performance
Space saver
Toshiba EM925A5A-SS
  • Perfect for countertop usage
  • Easy to operate
  • Large capacity
  • Easy defrost
  • One-touch start
  • Poor product support
  • The LED bulb may strobe too early

02. BLACK-DECKER Push-Button UL approved oven – best door release easy access

Now move on to our second pick. Black Decker is best for its pre-programmed features. It’s bright, and 10 power level microwave ovens have a removable glass turntable. So, you don’t feel hectic to open the door or close it.

Moreover, you can choose the power levels up to 700 watts or fix it. This UL-approved multi-functional oven is suitable for express cooking. The oven can be turned on for 1-6 minutes at 100% power with these features.

Stopping or shutting off the microwave will be easy now; just press the button at once. It has a push-button door release for easy access. The size is perfect for a mini kitchen. Additionally, the oven got great power at a wallet-friendly price.

Specs-Special Features –
Material – not available
Dimensions -‎17.3 x 13 x 10.2 inches
Internal size: 12.05″ x 11.97″ x 8.11″ inches
Power- 700watts
Weight- 22.5 pounds
It works perfectly
Roomy interior with a compact footprint
BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven
  • Child lock safety
  • 700 Watts with ten power settings
  • Easy to read control panel
  • Looks good on the kitchen counter
  • UL approved
  • Not suitable for fast heating
  • The door hinge is not installed correctly

03. Galanz-Countertop-Microwave-Interior-Turntable – the best Kitchen Timer and Clock

Galanz is another brand with a fascinating corporate look. It amazed me with its red vintage color and a silver stone button. The oven has a vast capacity of 0.7 cubic feet. Again, the bebop blue color is beautiful, and the retro design makes it more elegant and functional.

However, you’ll love the dial, as it’s easy to function and simple to figure out. It takes more time to warm up your food.

The 360⁰ rotation of the glass turntable helps your food to cook more evenly. Henceforth, the oven has an adjusted power level, defrost program, and weight management features.

In brief, it’s a complete package to fit any kitchen, rec room, home office, or dorm room.

Specs-Special Features –
Dimensions – 17.81 x 13.75 x 10.31 inches
Power- 700watts
Weight- 23.01 lbs
It’s a mini microwave for the bedroom
Easy & well-built
The countertop is big enough for a dinner plate
360⁰ rotating, evenly heating
Galanz GLCMKA07RDR-07 Microwave Oven
  • Adjustable power levels
  • Looks great
  • Adorable design
  • Ultimate cooking versatility
  • Complicated to read chrome-plated dial
  • A bit slow

04. Nostalgia Watt-Countertop-Microwave – the best Easy to read LED display

It’s a retro-design microwave with a 0.9 cubic foot capacity. The oven has 12 pre-programmed cooking settings. The LED-control panels show you the current time.

Therefore, it highlights the popular food choices pre-programmed to heat your food in the most efficient, popular way.

However, the microwave is low wattage, so it takes time to cook food. Plus, the rotating glass carousel helps to cook evenly. A sleek door handle, control panel, and accents add fun and flair to this oven.

The simple program dial is eligible to use from novice to expert. Wait, it also brings a spacious cooking cavity that easily fits a standard size plate.

Specs-Special Features –
Material – Stainless steel
Dimensions – 19 x 17.9 x 11 inches
Power- 800 watts
Weight- 30 pounds
800 watts cooking power
12 pre-programmed cooking settings
Digital clock
Retro accents
Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro Large 0.9 Cu Ft
  • 0.9 Capacity
  • 5 power level
  • Simple turn and push program dial
  • The quieter noise level when running
  • Smaller footprint
  • The beep is loud u0026amp; cannot be lowered
  • The bulky plug is an eyesore

05. Farberware 900-Watt-Microwave-Stainless – best 10 power levels and multi-stage cooking

Make your cooking easy and powerful with the 900-watt microwave oven. It offers 10-power levels and multi-stage cuisine to customize your cooking fully. Again, the microwave also gives you a 6 to 1 touch cooking program.

It has convenient styles such as defrost by weight or by time settings. This timer lets you get dinner on the table even when you forget to prepare the food.

Let us talk about its exterior features. The oven has a stylish and stainless steel front with a black body. Its elegant look and the child safety lock function provide an added level of security.

1-6 mints express cooking and +30 sec that offers you simple press and goes speed. At the same time, the oven’s memory functions let you store the most customized settings.

Specs-Special Features –
Material – Stainless steel
Dimensions – 15.9 x 19.1 x 11.5 inches
Power- 900 Watts
Weight- 29.3 pounds
Six in one-touch cooking programs
Defrost by weight or time
Child safety functionality
+30 second control buttons
Farberware Classic FM09SSE 900-Watt Microwave Oven
  • LED display
  • 1-year warranty
  • 10 power levels
  • Perfect microwave for a COZY NYC apartment
  • There is no instruction in the box
  • You need to worry about food spillage

06. GE-JES1072SHSS-Countertop Stainless microwave oven – the best Convenience cooking controls

It fulfills your need for a microwave oven that fits inside a cabinet. If you re-modeled your kitchen and wanted the microwave off the counter, then it should be the best pick for you.

GE-JES1072SHSS will be innovative fittings on the kitchen cabinet under 13.5 inches deep. Well, let us talk about its physical appearances. It has a 0.7cu feet capacity with 12.75 inches in depth and 17.31 inches in width. It’s large enough for 1-2 family members. Again, it has a long power cord length, about 39 inches.

It typically accommodates a 10.05 inches dinner plate, large coffee mugs, and an eight cup/2 quart Pyrex batter bowl. Lastly, the oven has a solid-looking black glass and stainless steel front.

Specs-Special Features –
Material – Stainless Steel
Dimensions – 12.75 x 17.31 x 10.19 inches
Power- 700 Watts
Weight- 21 pounds
Convenience cooking controls
Auto and time defrost
Standard size plates and containers
GE JES1072SHSS 0.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave Oven
  • It’s a mini microwave for dorm
  • Excellent array of features
  • Attractive exterior
  • Pre-programs for potatoes, beverages, etc
  • Moderate power level
  • Limited interior space
  • Less accurate automatic defrosting than the traditional oven

07. Counter-Rotary WCM660W-Westinghouse microwave oven – the best Attractive exterior

The kitchen countertop microwave is excellent for small living spaces such as dorm rooms and apartments. You can quickly cook, reheat or defrost to your needs with the simple dial.

The microwave also offers you timing intervals between 1 and 30 minutes. Just turn the dial, and the compact microwave will automatically shut off when the timer is complete.

The six power levels of the microwave oven make your day, and it’s suitable for a variety of different cooking tasks. Again, the mechanical dial controls are straightforward to use. It is a holy grail for senior citizens or people with vision impairments.

As you can see, the oven has 6-cooking levels with up to 600 watts of power for multiple cooking.

Specs-Special Features –
Material – Stainless steel
Dimensions – 17.25× 12.5× 10.25 inches
Power- 600 Watts
Weight- 23.01 pounds
Smart & compact design
Easy to operate
Heavy-duty cooking tasks
Great unit for the money and simple needs
Commercial Chef Countertop Small Microwave Oven
  • Perfect to use reheating u0026amp; melting butter/ chocolate
  • Suitable for light users
  • Small u0026amp; compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • There’s no clock in it
  • Bad heating
  • Deficient power

08. Nostalgia-RMO7AQ-700-Watt-Countertop-Microwave Oven – best for 12 cooking settings

Nostalgia is another multiple microwave oven that comes with different color variants. The oven looks very pretty and well-made. The body is metal, and although the door is strong, it is heavy. It will fit all frozen dinners and dinner-size plates.

You’ll like the look of the oven. It took 2x as long as an average microwave. The oven is perfect for even cooking for its rotating glass carousel. It provides optimal heating of popular foods from pizzas to potatoes.

What’s more, the oven has multi-sequence cooking that allows you to use up to 4 separate cooking programs. Explore the simple turn and push program dial with this one. We are amazed at its sleek chrome handles and control panel.

Specs-Special Features –
Material – Stainless Steel
Dimensions – 17.5×13.5×10.25 inches
Power- 700 Watts
Weight- 23.02 pounds
Five power levels
Perfect for reheating leftovers & cooking food
Easy to read, a digital clock
Unique retro-styled appliance
Nostalgia RMO7AQ Retro 0.7 Cu Ft 700
  • Convenient cooking control
  • Works great
  • Budget-friendly small microwave
  • Simple program dial
  • A timer is difficult to read and set
  • The latch broke after a year
  • The door doesn’t work sometimes

09. Smad-Countertop-Microwave-Cooking-Programs Ovens – best 1000 W power for fast heating

Smad is the best small countertop microwave. Suppose you have a smaller counter space or simply need a microwave for reheating or cooking food. In that case, these 10 power levels meet your demands.

The manual microwave functions will work without a digital clock. You can check the cooking time with its touch-button control panel and LED display.

However, the oven comes with all unique features, including – 120V voltage,1000W power for first heating, modern, intelligent, sleek, and simple to use. The fan blower is vital, which is good, but it often makes loud sounds.

Subsequently, it has defrosted and LED display for all your frozen foods. You will get a one-year warranty and exceptional customer service as a bonus. Unfortunately, the oven didn’t heat up as high as other microwaves.

Specs-Special Features –
Material – Stainless steel
Dimensions – 21.2 x 15.7 x 11.8 inches
Power- 1000 Watts
Weight- 43.7 pounds
6 auto cook functions.
Touch button cooking panel.
Fast heating capabilities.
Independent kitchen timer functions.
Smad Countertop Microwave Oven
  • 1000 watts power consumption
  • Full functions
  • 1.1 cubic feet capacity
  • 10 variable power levels for customized cooking
  • 100% authentic as advertised
  • Complicated to use
  • Need to clean the cavity regularly
  • It sounds too much

What To Look Before Buying Any small Microwave Oven

We tested our different items and brands about small microwave ovens. To find out the best one, you must consider the following things. Have a look before running through to buy an oven.

a) Budget Or Prices

Budget or price is a primary thing when you decide to buy any products, right. At the same time, you may not want to spend too much money on the worst outcome.

So, what to do? Fortunately, you need to spend less money to buy any mini microwave as the price has started from $50-$100. Again, the mid-size microwave oven only costs $100-300 range.

To illustrate, it depends upon you on how much money you wish to spend on this site.

b) Appropriate Space or Location

As we’re talking about a mini microwave oven, then talking about the space or location is just worse. You may think like this! If you, then you’re wrong.

The matter is more critical as well as planning about the budget. It’s just because if you plan the correct space to keep the oven before purchasing, it’ll also save up your time and confusion. Think about where the oven fits best and about available space for you.

Remember, countertop models, eat up countertop spaces most. Usually, mini microwaves are 20 inches wide and up to 18 inches deep. You will find the dimensions on the model page for each microwave oven.

Check it before grabbing one, and it would be best if you measure the places.

c) Power Consumption

Almost all the small to giant microwave ovens come with a power setting. Remember, the higher the voltage, the more efficient and quicker your food will be cooked in it. If you’ve to maintain 4-5 family members at once, then a high voltage oven will be perfect for you. But if you have 1-2 family members, then medium to average voltage will be okay for you.

d) Child Lock

Child lock is important if you’ve kids at home, as the kids are curious to put the hand into the oven. For this, a child lock microwave is mandatory.

You may now be in doubt about how they work? Simple, the child lock facilities work only on a specific password. You can lock the door with a valid password like your android phone or laptop. It will unlock the door of your absence.

e) Defrost

It is a vital feature for corporate personnel, as they’d to take frozen food. Defrost functions will help to heat the frozen food earlier.

f) Auto Cook

If you’re the one who wants to cook the food without setting any time management, then these functions will be a game-changer for you.

Auto cook will help to cook the food automatically without any hesitation of set time and power configuration. Wait, it’s a holy grail for the newly-wed housewife or novice, as they don’t have much idea about cooking food into the oven.

g) Wider Capacity

Usually, a small microwave will come with a 0.7~0.9 cubic foot larger capacity. The more ability you have, the more food you can cook at a time. So, it would be wise to buy a large or more comprehensive capacity oven for a while.

h) Convenience Features

Most of the countertop oven comes with a quick cook function. It makes microwaving your food faster. Overall, the 30-second key is a time saver as you can add 30 seconds to cook time while the food is prepared.

Sensor cooking is a unique feature that is available on a few countertop ovens. With this, you can measure the steam that comes from your food to determine while it’s done. In a word, it cooks for the exact amount of time.

Consider buying an oven that contains preset buttons. It will work as a time saver for cooking popcorn, potatoes, pizza, and beverages.

The Other Features That Would Be Good If The Oven Have

  • Turntable features (rotate your food to cook evenly)
  • The add 30 seconds button (to add more time)
  • Pre-set buttons (for re-heating & defrosting)
  • Smart sensors (to measure the heat in your food)
  • Easy clean interior buttons
  • Racks
  • Clock or Timer

Final Notes

Not all those above the oven need to be the topper from others. We finalized them as they have different features and positive reviews from customers.

Overall, if you want to know my opinion, I’ll go for the last one. Smad countertop cooking microwave as it has 1000watts power consumption for fast cooking. And the 1.1 cubic capacity is a bonus for the single or small family.

So, that’s all for the 10 best small microwave ovens; comment below and let me know which microwave oven will be your next choice or pick.

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