How To Clean a Pizza Stone With 5 Life-saving Resources

If you’re a pizza lover, then cleaning the pizza stone will be your first headache. Pizza is our favorite companion, especially for nightmares. Eating pizza and watching any horror movie is our routine to spend the lazy time nowadays. But what about the cleaning? It’s too much annoying when the stone got stinking or dirty.

Similarly, who wants to spend more time and effort only cleaning a stone, right? We know it’s so dull and hectic for everyone. Let us make it fun and do the task within 3-5 minutes if you’re the one. How to clean pizza stone won’t bother you anymore if trying the following ways at home.

Care for your Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is a beautiful tool to make your pizza dough more crispy and delicious. It helps to hold the moisture of the pizza. The stone helps the home chief to get restaurant-made pizza at home. In general, you shouldn’t clean it regularly, as cooking pizza on it will season it. However, if you don’t want to clean it, make sure to do it correctly.

A Complete Guide Of How To Clean Pizza Stone

Cleaning a pizza stone isn’t too tricky. But it may be the reason for anxiety for the novice. Remember, the pizza stone can’t wash with soap or water, as it’ll ruin this forever. You can follow the below method that was easy to do and clean the stone faster.

Method-01) Clean Your Pizza Stone Using Baking Soda

baking soda in a bowl
baking soda

Time-3-5 minutes

Ingredients –

  • Plastic Spatula or Spoon
  • Soft Cloth/ Old cloth
  • Baking Soda (1-table spoon)
  • Water
  • Stone-brush/ Tooth-brush/ Other Stiff-bristle Plastic Brush.

Steps-01) Before starting the method, make sure that the stone was utterly superb. The stone may break or crack if it comes close to cool water or is still hot.

Steps-02) Use the spoon/spatula to lose any melted cheese or stick it on bits. Avoid using a metal spatula or knife. It can scratch the pizza stone.

Steps-03) Wipe the old cloth into the water. Clean any remaining debris from the stone with this.

Steps-04) Make a paste to clean it. If you find any crusty bits there, try to spot-treating them. Take a bowl, add one tablespoon of baking soda with a bit of amount of water. Add the water as much as you want to make a paste.

Steps-05) Now, it’s time to scrub. Please take a tiny amount of paste to the spot and gently rub it with the help of a toothbrush. Next, wipe the stone with a cloth.

Steps-06) If you find any chunky bits that you can’t remove, put the stone into the oven. Next, pre-heat the rock into the range under 400-500⁰F. Once it reaches the temperature, let the stone cook under the stove for 1-hour. It will get rid of you from all the stubborn filth forever.

Steps-07) Let the stone dry completely for at least 1-2 hours. Finally, it will be ready to make a crispy pizza again.

Method-02) Clean Your Pizza Stone With Home-made Granite Cleaner

Time-5-8 mints

rubbing-alcohol-normal-water-liquid dish-soap-essential-oil
rubbing alcohol, normal water, liquid dish soap, essential oil, etc

Ingredients –

  • ½ Cup of Rubbing Alcohol
  • 2 cups of normal water
  • 6-8 Drops of liquid dish soap
  • 3-4 Drops essential oil (optional)

Steps-01) Add ½ cup rubbing Alcohol, water, and dish soap into a bowl. Mix it well with a spoon.

Steps-02) Take a clean spray bottle. If you want, you can take a standard water bottle. Next, clean the bottle with mild dishwasher soap. Then, dry out the bottle completely.

Steps-03) Now, power the mixture into the bottle. And shake the bottle too well. Make sure that the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

Steps-04) Now, guess what to do? It’s time to scrub the stone more gently. Spray the tiny amount of mixture into the granite stone and scrub it gently.

Steps-05) Sum up the task by a bit of wipe into the stone and let it dry for one and a half hours.

Method-03) Clean A Moldy Pizza Stone By Vinegar

vinegar-baking-soda-brush-cleaning product
cleaning products- vinegar, baking soda, brush, etc.

Time- 4-5 minutes

Ingredients –

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Brush
  • Damp cloth

Steps-01) The pizza stone is attacked by the mold if you forget to dry out it correctly. So, you’ve to wet the pizza stone first with hot or warm water. Let the mold scale off from the rock.

Steps-02) Take a bowl and mix up a tablespoon of vinegar with the same amount of baking soda. Mix it well until the mixture reaches a paste-like consistency.

Steps-03) Now scrub the stone with a brush and paste. Be careful to cleanse the stone unless it gets broken or damaged. Let the stone a deep bath into the look-warm water. And mob the stone with a cloth and let it dry for 2-3 hours.

Method-04) Clean A Burnt Pizza Stone By Yourself

Time- 60-120 minutes

Ingredients –

  • Oven
  • Clean cloth
  • Water

Steps-01) If your pizza stone will burn accidentally, it’s complicated to eradicate its stubborn stain. But cleaning this sort of stain can remove easily. Just pre-heated your oven 500⁰ F and place the stone under it.

Steps-02) Let the pizza stone cook for one and a half hours. Next, check the stone; you should be found their grease bubbles forming and popping.

Steps-03) Now, click on the auto clean button of your oven when the continuous bubble gets to stops. If your stone is too much filthy, you’ll notice a lot of smoke inside the oven. Don’t be afraid; it’s just because the burnt pieces of food will eradicate from the stone.

Steps-04) Wait until the whole process has finished. Let your oven cool down properly. Do not try to pull it out while It’s become too hot.

Steps-05) Finally, remove the stone after cooling down completely. Wipe it with a clean cloth. Along with these, if the oven heat cannot remove the stain properly, sand the stone with sandpaper. The sandpaper will work better on this game without any hassle.

Method-05) Clean Your Pizza Stone Without vinegar/ baking soda

Time- 3-5 minutes

Ingredients –

Steps-01) First, take a pizza stone and wet it with warm water. Next, use a plastic scraper to rub the unnecessary filth and dirt from the rock.

Steps-02) After, eradicate the dirt and filth from the stone. Again, rub the stone with a nylon brush.

Steps-03) Finally, pour some hot water on the stone again. Let the stone dry for half an hour. You can dry it out by keeping the rock under the oven.

Things You Should Avoid For Stone Cleaning

  • Soap or Detergent
  • Oils
  • Cleaning chemical
  • Steel-made scrubber
  • Fork
  • Apple cider vinegar, etc

Things You Can Use For Cleaning Pizza Stone

  • Bench scraper
  • Blunt table dagger or knife,
  • Metal spatula
  • Plastic spatula
  • Stone brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Plastic scraper
  • Soft toothbrush
  • Vinegar
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Salt
  • Baking soda etc

Important Note About Cleaning Pizza Stone

  • Avoid cleaning your pizza stone with soap. Otherwise, the stone will soak soap inside it, and you’ll taste this on your next pizza.
  • Please do not submerge the stone with water; it may ruin your stone surfaces badly.
  • If your pizza stone gets filthy, use sandpaper to remove the raised bits.
  • Some people usually pre-heat their stones before baking the pizza. If you’re the one, do care about you’ll properly heat it. Do not leave the rock under the oven for longer, as if it may break.
  • Avoid using harmful chemicals on the stone.
  • Always clean your pizza stone once after every use. Clean it with a mild dishwasher or warm water.
  • Do not forget to dry it thoroughly to avoid any built-in mold.

a) What To Do If I Already Wash My Pizza Stone With Soap?

Taste the soapy pizza may anger you if someone already cleans the stone with this unconsciously. So, what to do then? The answer is quite simple. In general, the heavily seasoned pizza won’t affect by the soapy smell typically. If so, you can try these tricks to avoid such kind of problem. Just spread some crescent rolls or bread into the stone, cover it entirely. Next, bake the bread and toss the roll or bread for some time. Then through them into the garbage. Or you can serve this soapy bread to the person who used to clean it with soap ignorantly. Anyway, just kidding!

b) Can I Use Barkeeper Friends On Pizza?

Yes, you can use barkeeper friends on pizza. To use it, first submerge the pizza stone in warm water. Next, mix the barkeeper friend with water to make a thick paste. Put the paste into the rock and scrub it with a soft bristle scrubber. Do not let the paste into the stone too long, as it may defect the stone. Finally, wash it with hot water and dry it straight away.

c) How Do I Clean A Rocksheat Pizza Stone?

To clean a rocks heat pizza, use a wet towel to remove the dirt or wash it in water. Next, cook the stone under the oven. After baking, scrap all the cornmeal or dough particles from it. Finally, soak the rock in the warm water. Let it dry until the subsequent use.

d) Can I Use Parchment Paper On The Stone?

No, you should avoid using any parchment paper on the pizza stone, as it won’t be able to bear the heat. It’s just because the oven will be heated under 450⁰-500⁰F (230 to 260⁰C) or more, whereas parchment paper can’t run the temple above 430⁰F (220⁰C) or more. In brief, the parchment paper will burn on the pizza stone.


Remember, there are plenty of pizza stones available in the marketplaces. Although these are different in their material and sizes, the cleaning process of those stones isn’t the same. We research it many times and clear out all the ways you can apply it on any stone. Do wash your stone with baking soda every time, and it’ll last for years.

That’s overall about how to clean pizza stone and hope, so now you’ll get to go to make unlimited pizza. As usual, we said, make comments about how difficult your feet are while cleaning a stone. Share this helpful info with others.

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