How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies in The Microwave

chocolate chip cookies made in the microwave

People are often surprised to learn that you can make chocolate chip cookies in the microwave. No longer do you need to spend hours slaving over a hot oven to enjoy that delicious chocolaty goodness. Of course, you probably won’t be baking an entire tray of cookies. Most microwave-based recipes are designed for making one cookie at a time. However, because it is so fast and simple, you could easily multiply the recipe and make a few extra.

A Variety Of Options Available

More surprising than the fact that you can make chocolate chip cookies in the microwave is the fact that there are several ways to accomplish it. Each method requires a somewhat different recipe and produces slightly different results. There are thin, lace-like cookies, there are cookies that resemble the traditional alternative, and there are cookies that fill an entire coffee mug. Each of them has its own merits and is worth trying at least once.

There are also variations designed for vegans and those with a gluten intolerance. They often require a bit of extra work and the texture will vary, but the same could be said for making those types of cookies in the oven. They are still delicious and taste nearly identical.

The average cook time for a single microwaved cookie is only one minute. The rest of the time you’ll spend gathering the ingredients, measuring the portions, and mixing them. Honestly, it takes longer to do all of that than it does to make the cookies. In total, you’re looking at about five minutes from craving to cookie.

A Recipe For Deliciousness:

Quite a few incredible recipes have surfaced on the internet over the past few years. From those recipes, we’ve deciphered a basic formula for creating great cookies in the microwave. The great thing about these is that you can easily modify some of the ingredients if you want to alter the flavor or consistency. Here’s a basic recipe for a microwaved chocolate chip cookie. There will be a note next to the ingredients that can potentially be modified.

– A single tablespoon of melted butterchocolate chip cookies

– A single tablespoon of sugar ( This applies to standard granulated sugar. You can also choose healthy alternatives like coconut sugar if you prefer. )

– A single tablespoon of brown sugar

– 1/4th of a teaspoon of vanilla extract ( You can reduce this to half if the vanilla flavor is too strong for your liking.)

– A single egg yolk ( Use of the egg white will alter the texture of the cookie. You can also replace the egg with a proper substitute if making a vegan cookie. )

– 1/4th of a cup of all-purpose flour ( Whole wheat will work fine if you prefer whole wheat cookies.)

– 1/8th of a teaspoon of salt

– 1 ½ of a tablespoon of chocolate chips ( can increase or decrease by up to a tablespoon depending on how much you love chocolate chips.)


The first step is to mix the melted butter, the sugar, the brown sugar, the egg yolk, and the vanilla extract in the dish you plan to use. A flat dish with a depth of a few inches is the best for a consistent texture. However, a lot of people enjoy making them in mugs because it looks like a lot of fun. The decision is entirely up to you.

Next, add the flour, chocolate chips, and the salt into the liquid mixture. Stir the mixture very well and use a spoon to flatten and smooth the top. Feel free to throw on a few extra chocolate chips. You can never have enough chocolate chips.

Finally, put the dish in the microwave for 60 seconds. Your cookie should set perfectly even. You should now have a delicious chocolate chip cookie made entirely in the microwave.

Making Adjustments

It’s not at all uncommon to make adjustments to the recipe. Want more chocolate chips? Prefer less vanilla? Not a problem at all. Consider adding a bit of cocoa powder and a small amount of milk to the mixture. You’ve now got yourself a chocolate chip cookie. Or you could throw in some peanuts, macadamia nuts, or white chocolate. You have about as many options as you do when making them in the oven. Only it’s much faster and a lot easier.

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