How to Make Sweet Potato Noodles

One of the ways I sneak in tons of nutrition into my hubby’s diet is looking for ways to utilize the humble sweet potato. They have tons of Vitamin A, B5, B6, carotenoids and niacin. Plus, they are rich in natural fiber. When I make sweet potato noodles, I can tuck them into a stir-fry, toss them in a light sauce, or sweeten them up with a touch of brown sugar—they are always a big hit!

The easiest way to make this pasta substitute is with a spiralizer, but did you know there are other easy ways to make these sweet and earthy noodles? In this tutorial, I will give you step-by-step instructions for three great methods:

The Spiralizer Method
The Mandoline Slicer Method
The Julienne Peeler Method

How to Spiralize Sweet Potato

If you want to learn how to make sweet potato noodles with a spiralizer, read on! I am using the Brieftons Spiralizer for this article so you may have different blade options if you are using a different machine. If you are interested in finding the right spiralizer for your needs, check out my product review here.

STEP 1: Choose the right Sweet Potatoes.

Notice these potatoes are long and straight. Oddly shaped potatoes will still work, but they are a little trickier to deal with.


STEP 2: Peel.

You can get away with just washing your potatoes before spiralizing, but I would only recommend that if you are using organic ones. After you peel, trim a little off of the ends so you will have a flat surface to attach it to your spiralizer.


STEP 3: Wet the suction cup and lock it down.

Not all spiralizers have this feature, but my Brieftons does. I have found that slightly wetting the suction cup before locking it makes it much more secure, saving a lot of hassle when cranking the machine on this tough veggie.


STEP 4: Chose the right blade.

This is the medium sized blade which is perfect for thinner sweet potato noodles that will cook quickly if you plan to cook them in a stir-fry or use them as a pasta substitute. If you are going for sweet potato curly fries, you probably want to go for the thicker, 5mm blade.


STEP 5: Put your potato on the machine.

Start by centering the potato on the blade, then press the sharp teeth into it, securing it in place. Pro Tip: It is important to center the potato on the blade, so I usually mark the center of the blade end with a knife, just to help me get it on right.


STEP 6: Spiralize!!

It looks like a ton, but here is what a single potato yields! Just remember, they will lose about half of their volume when they cook. If you are looking for some recipes, be sure to check out my article on how to cook sweet potato noodles!


How to Make Sweet Potato Noodles Without a Spiralizer

Don’t have a spiralizer? There are a few other fast methods that work to give you thin strips that you can easily use in recipes when you want to have this nutritious pasta substitute. Let’s take a closer look!


Mandolin Method

STEP 1: Set up your slicer.

I am using my OXO Mandoline for this technique. I am using the flat blade, and the 2mm Julienne slicing blade to get thin, noodle-like strips. If you want to make sweet potato fries, go for the larger 6mm slicing blade. I used the 1/8” thickness setting for my noodles.


STEP 2: Use the safety guard!

The safety guard may seem like a clunky device, and you may be tempted to try to do this without it, but I highly recommend against it. That slicing blade is extremely sharp, and you won’t know you have gone too far until you cut yourself. Notice how the safety guard has an area that is depressed, make sure to place long veggies such as zucchini or sweet potatoes into the groove for best results.


STEP 3: Slice lengthwise.

You will need to push the sweet potato down the mandolin, then lift it to the top again if you want the longest noodles. Otherwise, the blades will slice grooves on the way up, and they will end up cutting your noodles short on the way back down.


STEP 4: Noodles!

Once you are done with the noodles made on the mandoline, this is what they look like!


Julienne Peeler Method

If you want to learn how to make sweet potato noodles from scratch with a very inexpensive gadget, then the Julienne Peeler Method is for you! I picked up the UberChef Julienne Peeler for under $10 and I am pleased with it.

STEP 1: Peel.

One thing you might notice from the pictures is that it leaves a slight texture on the noodles because the blade edge is serrated. I found that the texture gives a little extra room to hold sauces AND makes getting through tough skin, like that found on squash, much easier.


Step 2: Use the Julienne blade.

Pro Tip: I found that putting a napkin down under the sweet potato made it more secure. You have to use a good deal of pressure to get through this tough veggie. Try to get the longest noodles you can by going the full length of the potato.


Step 3: Noodles!

Here are the finished sweet potato noodles made with a Julienne Peeler. Notice that they are thinner than those made with a spiralizer, so they will cook very quickly when tossed in a hot pan with some olive oil or roasted with a touch of salt (or try Cajun seasoning…yum!).


Making Sweet Potato Noodles is Easy!

No matter how you make sweet potato noodles, the process is pretty simple, especially if you start with straight specimens.

If you need a wider noodle for frying up sweet potato curly fries, you will have to use a spiralizer. However, for most other recipes, either of the alternative methods described here for how to make sweet potato noodles without a spiralizer will work just fine!

I hope you have found this to be a helpful tutorial. If you have some other tips that you would like to share, please leave a note in the comments below!

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