How to use a milk frother wand for coffee

So, you love warm, frothy foam on top of your coffee? Of course, you do! Suppose you know how to use a milk frother wand and you can make all your favorite drinks at home.

With the milk frother wand, you can bring the same flavor, soft and frothy texture as the restaurant in your coffee at home on your own. You must think about how it’s possible, right? However, you don’t even need an espresso machine!

So what’s the secret of using a milk frother wand?

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Steps to follow before using a handheld milk frother

Before using a handheld milk frother follow the steps below to get the best result.

a. Selecting Milk

Whole milk creates thicker, creamier foam. Microfoam is what we want from frothing milk, and whole milk is the best shot at it. If you have some culinary skills, it is okay to use whole milk.

Beginners should use skim milk. This allows better results and practices for beginners. Skim is better at holding foam at room temperature. Plus, skim milk creates more foam but with larger bubbles.

b. Perfect Temperature

You can froth cold/room temperature milk or at a higher temperature. If you’re a beginner and want to be precise. Plus, you want to go with hot milk; the ideal temperature is 140-155F.

In that case, you should look at a thermometer to get the exact readings and temperature. Remember, one essential thing is that the milk should not boil.

c. Milk Volume

While frothing, Expect the milk to double in volume. Ideally, the volume of milk should be well below the halfway volume of the pitcher. And remember to leave enough room to manage froth and the milk frother conveniently.

d. When To Stop

You’re frothing milk, not churning butter! Overforthing increases the chance of butter being formed. So Know when to stop and be sure not to over froth. So do not keep the milk frother wand running for extra time.

How to froth milk with a handheld frother?

Now you are ready to use the milk frother wand. Follow the instructions below to get warm, frothy foam for your coffee.

1. Preparation

Take the handheld milk frother and switch it on for a couple of seconds to shake off any water still attached to the frother. Now, decide on the temperature of the milk and pour it into a pitcher.

2. Inserting

Insert frother wand head into the milk vertically. The head of the wand should be submerged entirely in milk but should not be too deep. Now, switch on the frother and hold it in its place. If the frother has multiple speeds, start with the high speed.

milk frother wand

3. Frothing

Let the frother work its magic! However, do not insert it too deep into the milk, and it will make strange noises. On the other hand, if you insert it slightly, the frother might end up spraying milk around.

So, insert the frother at the proper depth; you will soon notice a small whirlpool forming near the frother. Keep the frother running for about 20-30 seconds. Keep it steady, and you will soon see foam starting to form.

4. Checking

Since the pitcher is both open, you will soon see the froth forming. When the foam has achieved the desired volume, it’s time to switch off the frother.

Experienced users may tilt the pitcher slightly while ensuring that the whirlpool near the frother is not disturbed. But, if you’re not sure, it’s better not to tilt or move the container.

If you find this article helpful, please do share your thoughts with us. We really appreciate it.

You can also visit here to visualize the process.

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