Juicer vs Blender: Which One is Better for You?

Juicer vs Blender. Which one is a better choice for your kitchen? Let's read the differences between juicer & blender and find the right one!

Blender and juicer are two important instruments for our household works. You may use them every day but didn’t think that what is better than others. Juicer and blender look like, and their function may be almost the same in your eyes. But there are some differences between Juicer and Blender by which you can realize the think that from juicer vs blender, what will better choice for your kitchen.

There are health issues, time management issues, and others that make them different direction from others. You should read out these issues, and by applying them, you choose one of the two instruments.

juicer vs blender
Juicer or Blender?

1. Health Issues

There are some thinkable matters when you choose a juicer or blender. A juicer is taking the fruits and turning them into juice. But this process keeps some questionable things. In juicing process, you will not find fibers and some fruitful elements. But in the blending process, you will be able to find out these elements, which are very important for humans. At the time of juicing, you have to eliminate fibers. By removing these pivotal substances, your food or juice becomes less valuable.

2. Using and misusing

As blending means taking fruits wholly and fraying these fruits, there is no waste of fruits in this process. But if you think about juicing, a huge part of fruit will be misused. So, it appears to you that juicing requires wastages. Again, you have to pay surplus labor to manipulate this juicer machine. On the other hand, you don’t have to undergo these processes. That is why the blending processes need lesser labor than that of the juicer.

3. Varieties of fruits and their parts

The juicing process also needs only ripe fruits. That is why the think of using green vegetables is nothing but an elusive matter. But in the blending process, you can easily use green vegetables. Nowadays, the importance of green vegetables is beyond description. Of course, you have to take fruits inside materials rather than whole parts, but you can utilize almost all parts of a fruit. Therefore, you can use 100% of your vegetables.

4. Time

Nowadays, time is nothing but the most important phenomenon. So, utilizing time is getting priority. Juicing functions needs much more time than blending functions. You have to take fruits and cut them, mixing some elements and so on. This requires much time and labor. But blending functions don’t require much time. You have fruits; cut it with some components that are it. Sometimes you can keep a whole fruit without cutting it in a blender. And the use of a juicer is more time-consuming than that of a blender.

5. Obstruction and Utilization

You may consume drying or frozen foods and nuts. Juicing is not a perfect solution for this way. Using the juicing machine, you cannot juice or pestle them because it needs a high-power machine where a juicing machine cannot make pressure. If you use a blending machine, you can easily pestle drying and frozen foods and nuts. Because of having the functions of powdering frozen foods, a blender can perfectly handle your problem. If you need to make powder, you can use a blender.

6. Acceptance

Day by day, our whole world is becoming digital and modern. As the people of this world are trying to become very digital or modern, it is more unique to think about a blender than a juicer. You can easily say a juicer machine’s characteristics are now seen on a blending machine. Still, all the characteristics of a blending machine are not in a juicer machine. So, a blender is a more digitalized instrument nowadays.

7. Purpose

The two things have different purposes. The purpose of a juicer is to turn fruits into juice. On the other hand, the motive of a blender is both making juice and powder. This is why a blender machine is the most amazing and helpful machine, which has more advantages or purposes than a juicer machine.

8. Advantages and Disadvantages

Juicing processes leave fiber and other elements. On the other hand, blending processes take these fibers and others. These elements help a man by increasing digesting ability. As a result, you can reduce the risk of suffering many dangerous diseases. Besides, people look for the easiest way which can turn your life easier than before. Blending is very easier than juicing.

9. Consumers’ demand

In the market, the demand of consumers, which has reached the pinnacle point, is nothing but the blender. Consumers are now showing attraction to this valuable product. The blender is grasping not only the regular market but also the online platform. As a result, the demand for juicer is getting low day by day.

Frequently asked questions

a) From juicer and blender, which is better?

Answer: Please read the above text and have a decision. According to the content, the blender is better than the juicer.

b) Will I take a juicer or blender?

Answer: Undoubtedly a blender.

c) Which is healthier from smoothie or juice?

Answer: Smoothie is better than juice.

d) Should I have a blender or juicer to make raw fruit/smoothies/veg juice?

Answer: You should have a blender to make these.

e) Does blending or juicing destroy nutrients?

Answer: Juicer vs blender, which is healthier? Juicing destroys some food values abrogating fibers, where blending destroys nothing. Fiber helps you to keep slim and helps to accrue your digestion power.

”But when juicing fruits and vegetables, some of the healthy, filling fiber is lost. That’s because juice extractors separate the juice from the fiber-rich pulp and skins.”

Lisa Drayer, CNN

Final words

For your daily life, you may have to make juice or a smoothie. Still, thinking and understanding all the reasons, you may fall into confusion about which will be the best one, juicer vs blender. But if you carefully read this article and think deeply, you will find the right one.

Taking a decision from two or more than two is not an instinct phenomenon. We hope that you will get needy information from this content. Before choosing one from juicer vs blender, glance over the list/points once more and take the proper decision without hesitating.

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