Meat Slicer: Buying & Maintenance Guide

When you have to slice a huge amount of meat, do you use a hand-slicing tool? Of course, in that case, hand slicing is a very boring tool. If you want to slice a lot of meat, then there is nothing but the best product but the electric slicer. In this article, you will get the 7 best meat slicer and their sanitizing process, buying guide, and others. Keep reading.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Meat Slicer?

Well, have you decided to buy a meat slicer? If you have done so, then it is time to learn some facts by which you can easily get the best meat slicer for home use at the time of having it from any shop or an online shopping center. Keep reading this buying guide section.

Horse Power

This is the main fact that your meat slicer can do work frequently. So, you have to pay a careful look at its horsepower. Because the more horsepower your meat slicer has, the more it can work and last long.


If you want to slice your meat fast and well, ensure that your meat slicer has an excellent motor. The power of motors depends on the horsepower directly. In this case, take a medium horsepower motor-based slicer. This will be the best choice and can easily slice any meat without any problem.


Another important and thinkable matter is the meat slicer’s blade. Because the speed and quickness of cutting meat is its blade. Suppose your machine’s blade is not sharp enough. Then is your slicer able to slice the meat into slices quickly? So, a cooker should focus on its blade then. And, of course, the blade should be made of stainless steel. This kind of blade will last long.

Easy Use and Safety 

If we look for the best meat slicer and take it, we will find all the safety features. As it is a machine of significant risk to cut off a part of your body, you should be very careful to have the slicer with the safety features perfectly.

Moreover, there are two types of slicers, automatic and manual. The automatic slicer is more workable, durable, and time saver than the manual. Besides, the automatic meat slicer can quietly slice off a large amount of meat.

A List of 7 Best Meat Slicers Available on Amazon

You may find meat slicers anywhere. But without knowing all the features such as working ways, capability, hardness of taking meat, buying guide, and the cleaning method. In this phase, we list 7 of the best meat slicers that you can buy (for home use) without any doubt.

Let’s see the list! Ranked in order:

How to Clean and Sharpen a Meat Slicer Blade?

A meat slicer requires a clean after some use. So, a cooker must clean and sharpen it by maintaining some processes. Let’s discuss them in some steps.

Step–1: Choosing a Sharpening Stone

For the sharpness of your meat slicer’s blade, have a sharpening stone. If you haven’t any, then you have to collect them from a shop. Well, some meat slicers have sharpening stones, and if yours haven’t, collect them.

Step-2: Blade Cleaning 

Though we don’t think of cleaning the blade before sharpening it most of the time, the blade must need a cleaning. Then have it cleaned by pouring some detergent into the water. Stop this rinsing process when you can ensure your face reflects on the blade of your meat slicer.

Step-3: Sharpening Stone Position

In this phase, you have to set the sharpening stone on the current position of the blade. For doing this act, ensure that your machine reaches out of electricity and use the user manual of the slicer. Pay great attention so that you don’t face any tragic accidents.

Step-4: The Process of Sharpening Stone

Well, if you already have done the above phases, then this is time to wetting the slicer’s blade with oil. In this case, you can use cooking or edible oil because this will not hamper your ways and your blade. Before sharpening your machine’s blade, you must ensure it is wetting. You may have a question: why do we have to sharpen the blade? The answer is that it helps to remove the swarf from the blade, which ensures sharpness.

Step-5: Cleaning the Blade

After sharpening the blade of your machine, then clean it by using the previous method and tools. And you can use a clean cloth to fresh it. Remember that you should remove all the dust and rust from the blade.

Step-6: Disinfecting the Blade

After sharpening and cleaning your meat slicer’s blade, it may hamper your sound health by germs. That is why you have to disinfect the blade by maintaining sanitizing ways. In this case, you can use some isopropyl alcohol on the blade and dry it.

After drying, put back the cover on the blade and check it out whether it is working or not. Thus, you can clean and sharpen your most useful tool. But at the time of doing it, ensure your safety first, especially when it is time to sharpen the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Is buying a meat slicer worth it?

Answer: Of course, a meat slicer is a machine that allows you to slice your meat quite fast. Moreover, you can slice any kind and amount of meat after your heart. This is a tool for your daily uses. This is why it is not wasting money if you have it; instead, you will have the best invention of science with many household features.

b) What are the three types of meat slicers?

Answer: Well, the three types of meat slicers are automatic, manual, and commercial. If you want to use it for home or home purposes, then the best will be the automatic meat slicer because it has some extra first-class features than manual. And it ensures your safety. This is the only option for commercial uses to select the commercial one.

c) Can meat slicers cut raw meat?

Answer: Of course, a meat slicer is quite able to cut or slice raw meat. Again, you can also slice vegetables, and so on. But remember one thing. You should not cut cooked meat after cutting raw meat because it can cause great harm to you. It would be best if you disinfected the blade along with the machine after cutting raw meat.

d) How often should a meat slicer be cleaned sanitized when in constant use?

Answer: 4 hours, undoubtedly. According to the FDA, if you regularly use a meat slicer, you have to clean and sanitize it after 4 hours. Because, from the blade of the meat slicer, many germs can attack your food. So, it is great to clean and sanitize your meat slicer frequently.

So, you have known about the whole thing of a meat slicer and learned a thing about the best meat slicer for home use. Keep reading this article and learn what you should think while buying this machine. We have given the cleaning and sanitizing ways for your easy selection. Read it and get the wonder of modern science with no doubt.

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