Pizza steel vs stone: What should I get?

pizza stone vs ateel

Who doesn’t love to get a pizza when watching a movie? I think most people will love to get a pizza at that moment. But is it easy to get or buy pizza from outside always? No. It is not possible all time to buy from outside. So people want to make pizza at home. But if you’re going to make pizza in your home, you need some tools. Pizza steel vs. Pizza stone will be the discussion topic for today.

Both of these are used to make pizzas. Generally, these two tools have some similarities because both of these are used for the same purpose. But still, there are some noticeable differences. We will try to know the difference between these two pizza-making tools. So, let’s get started.

Pizza Steel vs Pizza Stone

Pizza steel is known as baking steel also. It is fully made of steel. On the other hand, pizza stone, also known as baking stone, is made from clay, ceramic, or cordierite. As these two are made of different materials so surely they will have some differences. The main difference between these two is the way these two conduct the heat because of other materials. Also, there are differences between their prices.

More about pizza steel

Pizza steel is made of steel. So, it is usually very much efficient in conducting heat. It means that the heat moves very quickly towards the pizza crust from the steel. When transferring heat at lightning speed, pizza steels are also better than a pizza stone. Pizza steels also retain heat better than pizza stones. Because of these facts, you can expect to make pizza a little faster on pizza steels. 

pizza steel on oven

Pizza steels are nearly indestructible, and they can last a lifetime. But they need some TLC and benefits from time to time. Steels are immune to thermal shock, and they generally won’t break or shatter like pizza stones. You can use it as a double skillet on the stovetop. But the thing is that pizza steels can be expensive. It is generally costly than pizza stones.

More about pizza stones

Pizza stones are also a good conductor of heat, but it doesn’t do it as quickly as pizza steels. It means baking pizza on pizza stones will take a little longer time than pizza steels. 

Maybe the main difficulty of using pizza stones is that they are more cracking and breaking prone if dropped. These can be easily shattered also if the stone is exposed to a rapid thermal change. 

pizza stone on oven

Generally, pizza stones are less expensive and budget-friendly. But pizza stones have a lot of variety in size, shape. These also offer a lot of options for every budget. 

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Should I Get a Pizza Stone or a Pizza Steel?

Pizza stones or pizza steels are both used to make pizzas. Both do the same work. Though there are some advantages and disadvantages, you can use both of them. But in general, one doesn’t use both. So, you can buy with your choice, budget, needs, cooking style, etc. It depends on you!

But if you are an occasional pizza maker, then you can buy pizza stones if you want. But if you are a regular pizza maker or professional pizza maker, then pizza steels will be the best option for you.


In this article, we tried to spot some significant differences between pizza stones and pizza steels. But this doesn’t mean you’ve to buy on our recommendation. Yet, you can buy things depending on your needs, preference, budget, etc.

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