Slicing knife vs carving knife

What is a slicing knife?

A slicing knife is the right tool to cut even and thinner slices from roasted meat. It becomes easier and fun to have a slicing knife for roasted fish, chicken, duck, etc. Several types of slicing knives are available depending on blade width, length, cutting edge, and tips.

What is a carving Knife?

To cut precise and thinner slices from large cooked meats, a Carving Knife is the best option you should consider. A carving knife carves large meat roasts into precise thin slices. This is ideal for large bone-in cuts such as roasted turkey or poultry.

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Slicing knife vs carving knife (A quick comparison)

FeaturesSlicing KnifeCarving Knife
SpecialtyGranton edgesSturdy handle
UsesFor boneless cutsFor bone-in cuts

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